Confusion About Deep Truths of God's Word

As I wrote this a week or so ago, I was hospitalized for observation after receiving an experimental and investigational anti-cancer therapy. They have good food at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, and you can order off of a gourmet menu.

Before I get to the specifics of the menu there is something else I want to mention in order to lay some ground work for my subject. Like many of my readers I have had the privilege of traveling and even living in other countries where I did not know the language. Like some of you I have held a dictionary in one hand and looked up words and tried, with difficulty, to figure out menus or directions or tourist information. Sometimes when you look up a phrase word by word in the dictionary, it just does not make much sense.

Many of the patients at M.D. Anderson come from all over the world, and some of them speak very little English . I was thinking of them the other day when I was reading the MD Anderson menu. It was describing a particular hotdog and this is what it said: “ Boar’s head 100 % beef dog on a toasted fresh baked bun”

Imagine that you are a foreigner looking this up in the dictionary. You are thinking, “what is this delicacy that is a (wild?) boars head, all beef, and also consists of 100% dog?”

Sometimes I think people face similar problems when they consider the Bible and the claims of the Christian faith. For example some times people from other religions get tied up in knots when they consider the Christian claim that Jesus is God’s Son and that through faith in Him we can become God’s adopted children.

They think that if God is Jesus‘s Father he must have a body which functions in a pro-creative manner, which of course is wrong, because God is a spirit! The Bible says that when the Virgin Mary became pregnant with the Lord Jesus the Spirit of God came over her which means that God’s fatherhood of Jesus is a spiritual, not a physical, matter. People who think that God’s Fatherhood of Jesus means that God has a physical body are understandably confused just like people who think the “hotdogs” on the MD Anderson menu are made of the heads of wild boars and yet are 100 % beef while still being “a dog on fresh bread.” When we take everything literally, we get into trouble. Instead we must pray and ask God to show us the deep truth of His Word.

Winfield Casey Jones is a retired pastor and can be reached at This column first appeared in the Pearland and Friendswood Reporter News.


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